Maris’s years in the field, and as a parent, allow her to comprehensively deal with many different topics within the niche markets that make up today’s child welfare. She can offer a day of training/consulting that may bring agency staff to a different level of understanding of her favorite “umbrella” topic: The Invisible Realities of Successful Adoption. An evening with foster parents may help them decide whether adoption is the right path for them, for the children already in their homes. A keynote address at many different types of conferences can start a conference off with energy and ideas – or provide a lunch topic of value.

Maris is known for her high energy level, her passion for her topics, and her informal and humorous style. She is comfortable and well-received doing training in person or by webinar. She is also able to counsel birth-families considering adoption and struggling with their choices. For social services agencies, she is able to provide consultation to help hone their adoption services. As a motivational speaker, she has successfully reached out to child welfare staff, families, parent groups, and more. She is also a consummate problem-solver. Feel free to reach out and talk to her about your organization’s specific needs.